A few years ago, Bobby and I started a New Year’s Day tradition, that included CAKE. We would go down to the Market at Larimer Square in Denver and buy a Spring Fling cake. The market is super cute and in a great part of Downtown– highly recommend you checking the area out if you never had. This year we waited WAY to long to place our order and they were not taking anymore orders, so we decided to attempt our own version of it instead!

Recipe Adapted from Genius Kitchen

Bobby and I used different fruit because I could not find kiwi + and mango is not my favorite. We also adjusted our cook time to 30 minutes (for two 8″ rounds). I also chose to double the icing recipe, which was a good idea because I only had a few spoonfuls left.

While the cake was cooling we prepped all the fruit and when the cake was cool to the touch, we started making the icing.

I usually make my cakes a day in advance and wrap them in saran wrap and freeze them overnight so they are easier to crumb coat the next day (the initial layer of icing). Bobby and I were so excited to eat this cake, that I skipped my usual steps.


The zucchini cake had a great texture and was not overly sweet, which was perfect because of all the icing and fruit we added. I did notice that our cake was much greener than the “real” cake, so I am not sure how much more zucchini this cake has compared to the original, but I love tricking my brain into thinking I’m eating something healthy. HAHA

This cake gets better as it sits, so if you plan on taking this to an event, make it earlier in the day or the day before and keep covered in the fridge.

Also, I only make naked cakes (or semi) when making cakes for my family. Not sorry about it πŸ™‚ They are my forever favorite.Β IMG_7191What New Year’s Day or Eve traditions do you have? Fireworks? Head to a party? Stay in all night and eat tons of food?

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